Saturday, January 22, 2011

C'est la vie

Another week of school has come and gone.

My went to urgent care earlier this week because of swollen glands. Since we don't have insurance, the doctor was only going to run three tests that she felt was most important. My mom tested positive for strep, negative for mono, and the mammogram came became clean. Since she was diagnosed with strep on the stop, the doc called in a prescription. A couple of days later, the doc called for a follow up and found something on the mammogram. The original doctor who did the screening said that everything came back okay but it's possible that he/she accidentally glanced over something. So, now my mom is going back in for another mammogram.

At the current moment, I've been applying for grad school and I think it's a bunch of crap that applications fees are incredibly high. Really, does it cost $75 to process a piece of paper? On the upside, I do count as a independent student and below the poverty line.

Friday, January 14, 2011

And it's only the second week

The second week of winter term is coming to a close.

On Tuesday, Marissa talked to me in the morning  about the incident on Sunday and admitted that she did overreact. She firmly explained that she did not set her alarm and that made her miss her class. Ergo, Carla and I are NOT at fault for that mistake. As for her hangover, she admitted that it was "slight" but was nothing too severe. Now, for the humiliation that she experienced, she did not like the idea of Carla and I talking about her bedroom experience in front of a third party. I calmly explained to her that she willing brought up that topic up in response to a question that Carla had posed and that she promptly went to bed immediately afterward. When something like is brought up in conservation, it is bound to continue. Carla's friend was extremely neutral during the conversation and honestly did not care about the topic.

Carla and I know where Marissa is coming from and we understand how easily her feelings were hurt but we are not happy with how she handled the entire situation.

To my knowledge, Marissa and Carla are still not on speaking terms. After talking to Carla on Wednesday night, she delightfully informed that Marissa has left a series of post-it notes on her door and thinks its one of the creepiest things ever. Which I do agree with. If your upset with someone, you should write at least one letter/note and then speak about it in person. Working out it through paper seems some what pointless. During our conversation, Carla informed me of her first impression of Marissa.

Since we live in a dorm and we were all moving back in on the same day. Marrisa and Soyoung went out to buy groceries and found Carla moving into one of the spare rooms. Carla said that Marissa first remark was "Who the fuck are you?" and proceeded to tell her how pissed off I would be. Since we had spare rooms, I figured the school would have moved someone in eventually but I did except the RA to stop by and give us a 24 hour notice. This happened when Soyoung moved in but not with Carla. No big deal. I wasn't pissed that either of these two girls moved in and after I have finished moving in my belongings, I stopped by Carla's room and introduced myself.

The conversation continued about Marissa and creepy level. Carla said that even Soyoung had been able to pick up on the tension and that Marissa has been rude to her. Which I was unaware of. On top of that, Soyoung openly expressed to Carla that she would much rather talk to me than Marissa. Talk about a slap in the face.

And yes, it's the second week and Marissa is making enemies really fast.

Stay tuned for...University Girls....I promise to work on the name for the unfolding soap opera.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Birthday - Why am I note surpised?

My presentation with Lucas went well today, I think. We talked for the whole two hours and still didn’t get every in. We had to skip over the last section and conclusion of chapter two in Bruce Trigger’s History of Archaeological Thought. I believe that the discussion was designated well; everyone in class had a chance to voice his/her opinion.

I celebrated my birthday early this week with my roommates. Totally forgot that the Ducks were playing today, so the pub was incredibly packed. We all decided to go to the Chinese place across the street since we weren’t in the mood to put with some of the drunks. You could hear them scream and cheer from the restaurant. Ha-ha. Ducks lost. 

I’m not a Duck fan. 

Anyway, the real story starts after the celebration. I came back two notes on my door written by roommate Marissa. The night before, Carla and I went out and picked up some ingredients to make drinks. Everyone probably had about two to three glasses. Marissa drank a little. Apparently, according to said notes, she missed her morning class because of a hangover. Now, I didn’t force her to drink by any physical means. I did indeed hand her glass, asked her to try it, and she liked it. I did not keep track of her drinks – I had five drinks. I am not anyone mother’s and nor should I be their drink counter unless I am asked to do so.
Sometime during this event, Marissa and Carla start talking about sex. Marissa gives us a little about her bedroom experience. Which is fine, I’m already of aware of it. Shortly thereafter, she skips off to bed. Carla and I stay up for a little longer, talking. I told her that Marissa did indeed have a “bed buddy” and that she sometimes told me to get lost for a couple hours. No big deal. You tell me to get lost, I’ll do it. If anything else said in this drunken conversation, I have no idea what it was.

She felt humiliated by what Carla and I had discussed. I can understand but my point is, if you’re humiliated – then why did you do it? Why did you bring up some it in an earlier conversation? 

What really pissed me is that the closed the note by saying that I wanted to sweeten her up, that I’d better make some room in the fridge for her hamburger helper. Twenty minutes ago, after grabbing a bottle of water, I noticed that she had shoved the entire skillet plus lid of hamburger helper onto the bottom self.
Sometimes, I wonder why I’m surprised at people’s laziness.

For the record, I did not clean any section out of the fridge. Spaces were already available and sharing with four people, things are bound to become tight sooner or later. However I truly do want to go clean out the fridge, top to bottom, and leave a note on her door saying “Clean enough for you?”

Friday, January 7, 2011

First Week

By demand, Katrina has informed me that I should update my blog more often.

On Tuesday, I took a five hour trip to the ER because there was concerned that I might have had a possible blood clot in my calves. I went to Health Services on campus earlier that day, complaining of severe leg pain. They sent me over to Dallas hospital for a blood test and since the results came back elevated, it was a cause for alarm. Seeing my veins through ultrasound was pretty cool. It looks like snot. The results revealed that I do not have a blood clot but I do have some incredibly small veins. Since my little trip, legs have continued to randomly burn, go numb, and ache.

I missed my Museum Studies course on Tuesday night. I’m currently waiting for the professor to update Moodle (it’s own by Google  and is used for online courses). So far, she has not upload any notes and the random person I emailed about getting notes from has not returned my email.

Wednesday is the end of my school week. Yes, I have a five day weekend. Pretty sweet, right?  Archaeology went fine. I’m still not crazy about having an entirely discussion base class but everyone did a good job at voicing their opinions. Applications of Forensic Science (Ch 431), my latest class on Wednesday, went fine. We started off the week by talking about drugs and we’re giving presentations about a schedule drug next Wednesday. I haven’t picked a topic - though I was kicking around the idea of Opium Poppies. The class is also going to go over Forensic Anthropology for two weeks. I’m pretty stoked about that.

As far life goes, the entire week has gone well. I received two birthday presents early and I will be wearing the little black dress out to the pub on Monday night. I sent out invitations to my birthday party yesterday. I have no idea who will show up because I didn’t ask for RSVPs…so I guess I’ll be surprised who does or does not make an appearance.

Please enjoy these Rainbow Vagina Cupcakes! No, I'm serious!

Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day

I only had one class today, Anth 480: History and theory of archaeology. It went well. Professor Smith is setting it up like a symposium. While I’m not crazy about sitting in a horseshoe and listening to what my peers have to say about the textbook, I suppose it’s not going to be the worst classroom experience I’ve ever had. 

Smith posed a question to all of us and I’m going to paraphrase: When did you realize that humans had a past? 

Interesting question, don’t you think? Several people raised their hand and told their stories. Music and books ranked within the top two answers. 

My answer to can be contributed to numerous factors: books, documentaries, family photo albums, and answers I received about asking religion-related questions.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resoultion

I have two resolutions this year: first, to write more short stories and two, to graduate from college with at least 3.2 GPA.

I should have posted this earlier but what the hell, it is still January and near the first of the month.

Classes start tomorrow. I’ll be sure to make brief comments about how my first week of winter term goes. Earlier today, the fire alarm went off the dormitory. The RA has no idea if it was a prank or if there was a short in the system. Since nobody smelled smoke or admitted to burning food, it’s safe to assume that nobody set off the alarm through that method…but you never know. Standing out in the parking lot while in pajamas sucks. Did I mention that it’s 28 degrees and falling?

On a side note, the short stories that I complete this year will be submitted to various publishers.